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Download 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) APK latest - safe and free. 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong): com.godgame.mj13.android has over 1.4M+ downloads on AMLTools.

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Oct 04, 2022
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Improved gameplay.

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麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) is a game released by Gamesofa Inc., a famous publisher on Google Play. Because it belongs to the Casino category, 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) has more than 1.4M+ downloads, a huge number. Because of that, it also received positive reviews with 4.29 stars from 25093 users.

You can find 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) at AMLTools.com with the latest version and previous older versions. AMLTools is a safe, diverse source of APK downloads with over 10 million apps that promise you lots of great games and apps. Download 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) APK if you are looking for a game to entertain and play with your friends. Make sure your device meets Android 5.0 or higher requirements, 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) file size is 182.04 MB.

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Description of 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong)

【Everyone’s favorite HK Mahjong gets an upgrade!】
★ Authentic Hong Kong and Cantonese play modes. No registration required!
★ Certified fair dealing by iTech Labs, an accredited international RNG testing company. Each game is fair and consistent!
★ Suitable for both beginners and pros! Rated five stars by our users!
★ Unique Avatar System: Create your own pro characters
★ FREE: Download now to get 1,200 free chips with your new account!
★ BONUS: Get prizes every day you login.
★ CASINO: Blackjack, dice, slots, 1 APP, 4 ways to play!
★ A huge variety of tables and betting limits - play it safe, or go as big as you want!
★ Never wait! It takes just 2 taps to join a table.

= Features =
☆ Improved connection links you to over 32 million users.
☆ Easy to use controls feel natural and fun.
☆ First-ever one-round games, finish a game in just 3 minutes!
☆ Cantonese voices and HD graphics for the ultimate VIP experience.
☆ Free chips to all certified members every day (limited up to 888).
☆ Play as guest, no registration needed.
☆ Show off your skill with our new level system.
☆ Scheduled tournaments now available. Play anytime and earn rewards!
☆ Hand Analysis feature helps you find the right strategy.
☆ New set record keeps track of your matched tiles.
☆ Various events bring you additional Gift Packages and discounts!
☆ Play more, get more with the all new money pot! Get 10x the chips with a Lucky Spin!

= Newest Updates =
★ New group missions: complete them together for rewards!
★ All-new slot machines in the Casino!
★ New Timeline feature: have players recognize your achievements and titles.
★ All-new Guild mode connects you with other players for epic campaigns!

= Additional Info =
☆ You can use your existing GodGame, Facebook, or Yahoo account to play immediately
☆ If you want to use your MSN, Google, or other account to login, please see our “Account Conversion” page for more details: http://www.gamesofa.com/13mjapp/?op=guide
☆ This product is intended for use by those 15 or older.
☆ Coins in this game can never be redeemed for real money, goods, or any other item of monetary value.
☆ User performance in this app is no indication of user performance or skill in genuine gambling.
☆ This Service is protected by Taiwan (R.O.C.) and international laws.
☆ The imagery in this game contains attire and costumes that may be considered revealing.
☆ This game is free-to-play and includes the optional sale of virtual goods and currencies.
Please be aware of how much time you spend playing and take care not to become addicted.

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Gamesofa Website: http://www.gamesofa.com
More games: http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/

【最多人玩嘅線上麻雀遊戲 - 神來也麻雀華麗登場】
★ 最正宗廣東麻雀(廣東牌、新章)、跑馬仔遊戲免費玩
★ 玩家最推薦,高手齊聚鬥一番:最多玩家評鑑5粒星
★ 獨創神娃系統:打造你嘅專屬遊戲角色
★ 免費任玩:立刻下載可得1200神幣(限新註冊)
★ 送錢超多:每天登入打牌,金箱任務獎勵豐富
★ 獨家娛樂城:21點、骰盅、老虎機,1個APP,4種享受
★ 各種賭注雀局,想打幾大就打幾大
★ 即刻開枱,搵齊腳打牌唔洗等

─ 神來也麻雀(Hong Kong Mahjong Game)遊戲特色 ─
☆ 連線品質升級,3,200萬註冊玩家,打牌開枱最堫!
☆ 一指出牌,操作流暢,手感真實,爽!
☆ 首創一手局(1/4圈),3分鐘打一舖,臨時有事都唔驚!
☆ 粵語配音、高清畫面,VIP級體驗!
☆ 認證會員每日免費補幣到888!
☆ 唔洗註冊,遊客帳號直接玩!
☆ 戰力位階,牌局最強就䠂你!
☆ 每週排行,冧莊王、神幣王等你挑戰!
☆ 牌技分析,跟其他玩家鬥勝率,雀聖就䠂你!
☆ 牌型紀錄,堫啲黎食出各種大牌!
☆ 精選禮包,堫啲參加活動攞著數!
☆ 聚寶盆,玩得越多神幣越多;幸運轉金樂,神幣最多送十倍

─ 神來也麻雀(Hong Kong Mahjong Game)改版內容 ─
★ 魚蝦蟹機台,娛樂城好評再加開!
★ 按讚新系統,互動升溫攞稱號!
★ 全新公會系統,公會戰熱血開打!

─ 其他說明 ─
☆ 原「神來也會員」或「Facebook」、「Yahoo」帳號直接玩
☆ 若您之前你用MSN, Google等帳號登入神來也遊戲,想在手機上繼續你用該帳號,請參考「帳號轉換及登入教學說明」http://www.gamesofa.com/13mjapp/?op=guide
☆ 本遊戲以成年人為訴求對象
☆ 本遊戲不提供「現金交易賭博」及違反法令或類似之行為。
☆ 本遊戲依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔15級
☆ 本遊戲為免費你用,遊戲內容為棋牌益智及娛樂類型。均你用虛擬遊戲幣進行遊戲,且遊戲結果會直接影韠虛擬遊戲幣增減,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,遠免沉蠷。

Gamesofa 五分鐘,想樂最輕鬆
Gamesofa 官網 http://www.gamesofa.com
更多神來也遊戲 http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/

This game was updated by Gamesofa Inc. on 2022-10-04. Currently, on AMLTools, old and new versions of 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) have been added. This is one of the games that stands out when it has more than 1.4M downloads and successful installs. If your app doesn't install automatically, go to Android Settings -> Enable unknown sources. AMLTools.com provides original version of 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) APK which guarantees the safest and fastest loading speed. In addition to Android devices, you can also install 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) APK on Android emulators like LPlayer or BlueStack, NoxPlayer. Install 麻雀 神來也麻雀 (Hong Kong Mahjong) on your Android device and experience it now!

Updated to version v13.9.0.2!

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