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Download LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro 3.19-pro APK latest - safe and free. LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro: has over 1.7K+ downloads on AMLTools.

Read and edit ODF (ODT, ODS, ODP), DOCX, DOC, CSV, PDF documents and other files

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Feb 18, 2022
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LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro is an application released by Stefl und Taschauer OG, a famous publisher on Google Play. Because it belongs to the Business category, LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro has more than 1.7K+ downloads, a huge number. Because of that, it also received positive reviews with 3.72 stars from 90 users.

You can find the app LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro at with the latest version and previous older versions. AMLTools is a safe, diverse source of APK downloads with over 10 million apps that promise you lots of great games and apps. Download LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro APK if you are looking for a utility app that fits your needs. Make sure your device meets Android 4.4 and up or higher requirements, LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro file size is 21M.

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Description of LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro

View and modify documents created using LibreOffice or OpenOffice on the go using the Document Reader & Document Editor!


The file reader & document editor allows you to open files like ODF (Open Document Format) documents created using LibreOffice or OpenOffice wherever you are. In the bus on your way to school wanting to look at your notes before the big exam? No problem! With the Document Reader you can open files wherever you like and read & search through your documents to go in a clean and simple way. Is there just one last typo left to fix in your document before sending it out to colleagues? The File Editor supports modification of documents now! Fast, simple and well integrated.

You can open files from ODF (ODT, ODS & many more) that you have created with Libre Office or OpenOffice also from within other apps. Supported apps include GMail, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, Nextcloud,, Dropbox and lots of others! Or use our integrated file explorer instead to open files on your device.


➡️open files with ODF: ODT (writer), ODS (calc), ODP and ODG without a hassle
➡️basic editing of documents with the file editor to fix typos, add sentences, etc
➡️securely open password-protected documents
➡️search for keywords in your ODT (writer), ODS (calc) or ODG and highlight them
➡️print documents if your device is connected to a printer
➡️read your documents in fullscreen to avoid distractions
➡️select and copy text out of your documents
➡️enjoy your documents even without internet connectivity - fully offline capable
➡️read out aloud your documents using Text-To-Speech technology


In addition to that, the document reader & document editor aims to support various other file formats as well as possible:
- Portable Document Format (PDF)
- Archives: ZIP
- Images: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WEBP, TIFF, BMP, SVG, etc
- Videos: MP4, WEBM, etc
- Audio: MP3, OGG, etc
- Text files: CSV, TXT, HTML, RTF
- Microsoft Office (OOXML): Word (DOC, DOCX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX)
- Apple iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote
- Libre Office and Open Office ODF (ODT, ODS, ODP, ODG)
- PostScript (EPS)
- AutoCAD (DXF)
- Photoshop (PSD)

This app is open source. We are not affiliated with OpenOffice, LibreOffice or similar. Made in Austria. Ads are shown in order to support the development of this app. They are free to remove temporarily via the in-app menu. We highly appreciate all kinds of feedback via email.

ODF is the format used by office suites like Open Office and Libre Office. Text documents (Writer, ODT), as well as spreadsheets (Calc, ODS) and also presentations (Impress, ODP) are supported, including support with the file editor for complex formatting and embedded images. Graphs are no problem either. If you want to secure your data you can even open password-protected documents. Other applications that are using this format are NeoOffice, StarOffice, Go-oo, IBM Workplace, IBM Lotus Symphony, ChinaOffice, AndrOpen Office, Co-Create Office, EuroOffice, KaiOffice, Jambo OpenOffice, MagyarOffice, MultiMedia Office, MYOffice, NextOffice, OfficeOne, OfficeTLE, OOo4Kids, OpenOfficePL, OpenOfficeT7, OxOffice, OxygenOffice, Pladao Office, PlusOffice, RedOffice, RomanianOffice, SunShine Office, ThizOffice, UP Office, White Label Office, WPS Office Storm, Collabora Office and 602Office.

This app was updated by Stefl und Taschauer OG on 2022-02-18. Currently, on AMLTools, old and new versions of LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro have been added. This is one of the apps that stands out when it has more than 1.7K downloads and successful installs. If your app doesn't install automatically, go to Android Settings -> Enable unknown sources. provides original version of LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro APK which guarantees the safest and fastest loading speed. In addition to Android devices, you can also install LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro APK on Android emulators like LPlayer or BlueStack, NoxPlayer. Install LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Pro on your Android device and experience it now!

Updated to version v3.19-pro!

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