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Download Simple Draw 5.2.9 APK latest - safe and free. Simple Draw: com.simplemobiletools.draw has over 3.8M+ downloads on AMLTools.

Draw with this quick sketchbook replacing pen and paper

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Oct 15, 2022

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DEPRECATED: This version of the app is no longer maintained, get the Pro version at . Don't forget that if you uninstall any paid app within 2 hours, you will automatically be refunded. If you want a refund anytime later, just contact us at [email protected] and you will get it. That makes it easy to try it out :)

More information

Simple Draw is an application released by Simple Mobile Tools, a famous publisher on Google Play. Because it belongs to the Art & Design category, Simple Draw has more than 3.8M+ downloads, a huge number. Because of that, it also received positive reviews with 3.69 stars from 7661 users.

You can find the app Simple Draw at with the latest version and previous older versions. AMLTools is a safe, diverse source of APK downloads with over 10 million apps that promise you lots of great games and apps. Download Simple Draw APK if you are looking for a utility app that fits your needs. Make sure your device meets Android 5.0 or higher requirements, Simple Draw file size is 2.55 MB.

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Description of Simple Draw

🎨 Are you looking for the best drawing app for your pocket? Do you want to draw something simple and easy, but you have no paper? You are in the right place!

Enjoy the moment with our specially designed drawing app, draw something fun and create your own artwork - all in a digital form!

Simple Draw is the best drawing app for anyone who loves to draw. Just pick paint and draw!

Paint and draw simple sketches for fun

With Simple Draw, you will not be needed any fancy or advanced tools or filters for your favourite doodle or sketch. Just use your creativity and freehand drawing to create the best sketches for your sketchbook.

Try why we are the best drawing app where anyone can scribble something simple with fun!

Simple Draw features

This popular sketchbook for quick sketch and painting provides many useful functions:

✔️ Draw something colourful, simple sketch or doodle using a different paint and pen size
✔️ Changing the background colour, or using an image from your sketchbook as the background
✔️ Use an eraser if you took the wrong paint
✔️ Insert paint either by selecting it on a palette, or by entering the colours hex code
✔️ This simple sketchbook supports many different formats like PNG, JPG, or SVG vectors
✔️ Share your paintings, draws & sketches with friends through email or social networks
✔️ Simple Draw App works offline & online!

Use nothing else but your device and creativity to make some doodles and sketches!

Create your own sketchbook!

No matter what age or abilities you have, the best drawing app offers a fun drawing experience! Draw a sketch, use your favourite paint and save your artwork in your own sketchbook. With Simple Draw, you can either draw new sketches from scratch or open some old artwork file from your sketchbook and just play around with new paints and colour.

Best drawing pad for your pocket!

Our freehand drawing app allows you a digital way to draw a sketch or doodle, paint and explore the artist in you!

This specially designed drawing app and sketchbook go where your creativity takes you from quick sketch to funny artwork. So, open the drawing pad, paint and simply draw something nice! Have a quick draw on our drawing pad whether you are on a journey or in a move, enjoy the drawing experience, and share your draws and sketches with your friends.

Fun at home - learn sketching

Our most popular drawing app is perfectly usable either for kids and beginners or for a family with children to play some drawing games and to learn sketching. After all, everyone has a piece of the artist in himself.

Download our drawing app, draw your favourite art and share it on the social network with your friends.

Drawing for kids!

Drawing for kids is important, and children are effective communicators, and through drawings, children learn to express their feelings and ideas freely. With our digital drawing pad, they can draw cars, flowers, dogs, cats, and other paintings and save them into the Gallery!

With Simple Draw, you will create quick sketches or scribble something fun using just your creativity and imagination so just start drawing a doodle or sketch, and share your love and joy for creating simple art!

It comes with material design and dark theme by default, provides great user experience for easy usage. The lack of internet access gives you more privacy, security and stability than other apps.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors.

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This app was updated by Simple Mobile Tools on 2022-10-15. Currently, on AMLTools, old and new versions of Simple Draw have been added. This is one of the apps that stands out when it has more than 3.8M downloads and successful installs. If your app doesn't install automatically, go to Android Settings -> Enable unknown sources. provides original version of Simple Draw APK which guarantees the safest and fastest loading speed. In addition to Android devices, you can also install Simple Draw APK on Android emulators like LPlayer or BlueStack, NoxPlayer. Install Simple Draw on your Android device and experience it now!

Updated to version v5.2.9!

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Version Arch OS Updated
5.2.9 (3 variants) Bundles Universial Android 5.0+ 2022-10-15 (1 month ago)
5.2.7 Bundles Universial Android 5.0+ 2022-06-13 (5 months ago)
5.2.6 (4 variants) Universial Android 5.0+ 2021-11-23 (1 year ago)
5.2.5 (2 variants) Bundles Universial Android 5.0+ 2021-05-28 (1 year ago)